Join the VC4Africa Officers Program

Join the VC4Africa Officers Program

Are you an active member of VC4Africa and interested in getting more involved? Then maybe you want to consider joining the VC4Africa officers program. What are some of the things officers do?

- Help to manage the growth of the VC4Africa community. This includes the matchmaking platform on and networks on LinkedIn, Ning, Facebook and Twitter

- Assist members (mostly we focus on promoting our entrepreneurs) to make use of the community and tools available. i.e. help promote projects with great potential

- Work to give the community direction / add to its content and promotion

- Monitor content and help to delete any spam or unwanted messages

- Organize VC4Africa Meetups and/or host an incubator

- Maybe you have other ideas you want to share with us?

- Complete the form below to apply for the VC4Africa officers program.

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